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Elbow tendinitis and its treatment

Elbow Pain Doctor

Elbow tendonitis is called a tennis player's elbow, a painful condition that occurs when the elbow tendons become inflamed as a result of overuse by repeated movements of the wrist and arm, despite the name of this case but it does not affect only athletes, as this condition can affect people working in jobs that involved in movements that can cause elbow tendonitis, such as: plumbing, drawing, carpentry and butchery. Elbow tendinitis pain can spread to the forearm and wrist, and analgesics that can be obtained without a prescription and rest often help relieve pain in the elbow tendons, and if these treatments do not reduce the pain or if the symptoms of the elbow tendon disrupt the daily movements and activities that lead The injured Elbow Pain Doctor may resort to surgery.

Elbow Tendonitis Treatment: Elbow tendinitis symptoms Elbow tendinitis causes pain and swelling in the outer surface of the elbow, and the person may also feel pain in the arm and in the back of the hand, and the pain in the elbow tendon can range from mild discomfort to severe pain that can be felt even when the elbow is not moved. Pain often worsens when using the arm, especially when performing twisting movements, and repeated wrist movements can cause pain, such as:

Pain in the upper part of the forearm just below the elbow

Pain may spread to the lower forearm towards the wrist

Feeling pain when the arm is raised or bent

Feeling pain when writing and holding small things like holding a pen

Feeling pain when twisting the forearm, such as when turning the knob or opening the two singers,

Feeling pain and stiffness when the arm is fully extended

Elbow Pain Specailist Nj says; Elbow tendinitis usually lasts from six months to two years, but 90% of those with it heal within a year. Causes of inflammation of the elbow tendon Elbow tendinitis is an injury caused by frequent and excessive use of the elbow; that is, any activity that strains the muscles and tendons around the elbow can cause tendinitis and small tears in it. Some of the activities that may cause elbow tendon are the following: Logging, Draw and Carpentry, Playing some types of musical instruments, Butchers, chefs, and assembly line workers.

Elbow tendinitis treatment: The elbow tendinitis often improves on its own, and if the inflammation of the elbow tendon results from playing tennis, the Elbow Pain Treatment New Jersey doctor may suggest re-evaluation of the patient's tennis style and the movements he performs to determine the best steps to reduce stress on the elbow tendon, and the physical therapist can help teach the person some Exercises to strengthen the muscles, especially the forearm muscles. Exercises that involve lowering the wrist very slowly after it is raised are useful in strengthening the muscles. Wearing the forearm belt or brace helps Elbow Pain Relief on the affected tendons. As for surgical treatments, these procedures involve operations, injections, and other procedures to reduce inflammation and pain in the elbow. These procedures may include the following: Injections, your doctor may prescribe platelet-rich plasma injections, botox injections, or irritating injections given in the inflamed tendon. Ultrasound of the tendon, in this procedure the doctor uses ultrasound, and the doctor inserts a special needle.

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