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Pain Management: Specialist and Treatment

Back Pain Doctor NJ

With the increasing workload and constant decrease in manual activities, each one of us faces pain. The back pain and neck pain being persistent. Most of the people must have experienced back pain to some degree.

Back pain occurs due to various causes namely long-sitting duration, repeated ligament strain, heavy lifting and many others. While looking for spine doctor near me, there are certain factors that you should consider. There is a range of procedure for back pain including the self-cure to medically prescribed therapies and treatments.

The medical treatment depends upon the anatomy, cause, and severity of the pain. The back pain starts as a mild pain in the spine but it can transform into a severe pain that would need treatment. At the start of the pain we often get confused about what treatment we would need.

Living in New Jersey? Facing trouble with the spine? If you are experiencing back pain since a long time, you might need to see a Back Pain Doctor NJ. The back pain doctor will give you a thorough examination and preliminary diagnosis. The back doctor understands the fact that a proper diagnosis is very important before starting the medical treatment. When you consult a doctor, you must specify the type and the intensity of the pain. This probably helps the doctor understand what sort of treatment you might need.

The doctor may prescribe painkillers or some medications for immediate relief. These medications may affect your level of alertness, for some duration. If you feel drowsy then you must consult your doctor. It is also advised that do not engage in any activity that needs concentration.

If you are facing constant pain, your doctor may advise you a CT scan or X-ray. For chronic pain, pain relievers like analgesic and use of heat at the area of pain is recommended. Some over the counter medications are also prescribed if the pain is critical, such as ibuprofen.

There are muscle relaxants, if doses of strong medications don’t help relieve the pain. Certain creams and ointments are also there that are applied in case of severe back pain.

Certain types of antidepressants have also shown to help in the critical pain. Other alternatives can be physical therapy and some light exercise to increase your flexibility prescribed by the physical therapist.

In case the other measures don’t relieve your pain, the doctor may use cortisone (a type of anti-inflammatory medication).

Very few people need surgery in case of pain, only when you have unrelenting pain that is moving along associated muscles. Surgery is not recommended as it is usually associated with pain related to structural problems.

Note that these medications and treatments are subject to a doctor’s advice.

When you search for pain management near me on the internet, you could find a dozen of names being suggested. This might confuse an individual to look for a particular doctor or medical center.

At Harvard pain treatment center, we provide impeccable and excellent clinical experts. We are situated in New Jersey and New York, consistently voted as the world-class pain relief center. We specialize in various pain management techniques including back pain and neck pain treatment among others. Our focus is to deliver the best and most advanced treatment for back, knee, neck and more, helping them avoid critical surgeries.

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