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Tendonitis in the hand and its treatment


The tendons are a strong fibrous connective tissue that connects the bones to other parts of the body - often the muscles - as one end of the tendon is connected to a bundle of muscle fibers, another is attached to the bone, and the tendonitis function is to transfer the mechanical force resulting from the contraction of the muscle to the bone and the tendons are distributed over various Parts of the body, including small ones, such as: a thin tape or thread - such as in the hands or tendinitis of wrist - and large; such as: a heavy rope - such as the tendons in the muscles of the leg or thigh -. You may suffer from several ailments, the most prominent of which is inflammation. Writer talk about inflammation of the tendons in the hand, its causes, symptoms and methods of treatment.

Tendonitis in the hand - The fingers' movements in the hands are controlled by the tendons in the hand, which are thin wire-like straps that attach the bones of the fingers to the muscles in the forearms, and the tendons of the fingers are subjected to great pressure by lifting a heavy object or carrying out sudden rapid movement to cause severe inflammation and pain in The region, which is called a tendinitis of the hand or a tendonopathy.

Symptoms of tendinitis in the hand:

A set of characteristic symptoms appear when tendinitis, the most prominent of which are: Feeling of severe pain and swelling in the affected hand is one of the most important symptoms of the injury, so that the person feels severe pain and burning in the hand, and the pain often increases when moving and using the affected hand in some work, such as: writing, printing, or carrying things, and it is lessen when Rest and not to use the hands, and it occurs when bending the fingers only in the front of the finger, or along the tendon; that is, feeling it along the finger, as the direct pressure on the tendon is also painful, and swelling develops on the tendon, which causes a small swollen area on the finger Or the injured palm.

Cracking sound when moving the affected hand, as the tendons of the finger slip through what looks like tunnels in the hand to help implement the movement of the fingers, and tendinitis may cause the fingers to swell, which makes it difficult for them to slip through these tunnels, and acute inflammation causes a condition called the finger The ulnar, or stenitis tendinitis. Weakness and rigidity of the hand , often this inflammation affects the strength of the hand, and its ability to move the fingers, which leads to making manual activities, such as: holding the door handle, removing a bottle of milk from the fridge, or carrying a pen is difficult, and it may lead to dropping things The inability to carry it, as the injury develops and stiffness of the joints occurs in the fingers, which affects the ability to control fingers and hold things, and early treatment reduces the risk of developing these symptoms.

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