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Tendonitis: to treat quickly to avoid relapse

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Tendinitis is the burning sensation that occurs most often in the elbow, wrist, shoulder or heel. It is particularly common among amateur or professional athletes. But even if you spend your days sitting in front of a computer screen, you may be concerned!

What is tendinitis?

Legs, shoulders, wrists, elbows ... Regardless of its location, tendonitis can easily spoil life resulting in Sciatic Pain Treatment Nj. At the origin of this tendon pain, there is sometimes a shock or the repetition of movements in a bad posture.

The tendon is a fastener, a kind of strip that connects the muscles to the bones they have to move. The tendons are made of a very rich tissue of collagen fibers, which allows them to transmit to the bones the force produced by the contraction of the muscles.

Repetitive or prolonged movements, sustained efforts ... can damage the tendons, like a rope that "fray" or cause friction between the tendon and its sheath. These changes trigger an inflammatory reaction. It results in pain and swelling of the affected tendon and ultimately in Sciatic Pain Treatment New Jersey. It is better to take care of it quickly before tendonitis becomes chronic because, in this case, management is more complicated.

How is tendonitis diagnosed?

  • To diagnose tendinitis, clinical examination and ultrasound should be performed by Shoulder Pain Physician. Ultrasound allows a global vision of any tendon lesions.
  • Understand the origin of tendinitis to better manage it.
  • To properly manage tendonitis, understanding its origin is essential. As such, new technologies offer interesting perspectives.
  • To understand the origin of tendonitis, movement analysis laboratories propose to patients to participate in a research protocol in biomechanics.
  • In Low Back Pain Treatment Nj, the patient passes a radio. Basin, knees, ankles, feet ... is identified by sensors. His body is fully scanned in 2D and 3D simultaneously from front and side. This radio makes it possible to have a very precise image of the body of the patient.
  • To record the moving body of the patient, additional sensors are positioned. Once the device is in place, under the eyes of eight cameras, each step of the patient is recorded from all angles. Quiet walk or small strides, the actions of different intensities are recorded. They make it possible to analyze more precisely the patient's movement but also the impact force of his steps.

The treatment of tendinitis in high-level athletes

For top athletes, the medical service of INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance) has an arsenal of resources to treat painful tendons.

The electrotherapy is to use a small high-frequency current to help the muscles of the tendon to repair itself. The electrotherapy treatment must also be associated with stretching.

Shock wave therapy for Sciatica Pain Treatment New Jersey has also been proposed for about ten years. The sore spot is first identified by ultrasound to allow the doctor to better locate the area to be treated. High pressure waves emitted by an electromagnetic source are then sent.

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