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What is arthritis and how to treat them?

Arthritis is nothing but a tenderness of the joints. It can influence one or more joints. There are over 100 various kinds of arthritis, with different reasons and treatment options. RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and OA (osteoarthritis) are 2 most common types. Usually, the sign of arthritis develop over time; however they may also become visible abruptly. To get the successful treatment of this condition, it is important to diagnose it properly. For diagnosing arthritis, your arthritis doctor in manhattan will recognize your symptoms, conduct a physical test to check for loss of motion or swollen joints, and perform X-rays and blood tests to verify the diagnosis. Blood tests and X-rays also aid to differentiate the type of arthritis.

How to treat Arthritis?

Usually, the arthritis treatment in manhattan consists of medications, exercise, physical or occupational therapy, rest and surgery at times to correct damage in the joints. Usually, treatments for osteoarthritis can aid to ease stiffness and pain; however the ailment may keep progressing. This is also true for rheumatoid arthritis in old times, however latest treatments for this type of arthritis have been capable to stop or slow the development of arthritis damage.

1. Arthritis Treatment through Medicine

Generally, the treatment of arthritis will based on the severity and nature of the condition. The aim is to ease the swelling and enhance the working of affected joints before more severe condition takes place. In order to ease the inflammation and pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, your arthritis doctor in new York will possibly advise NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) or acetaminophen. Your doctor may also suggest corticosteroid joint injections for reducing the stiffness and pain of affected joints. The results may vary from patient to patient. Arthritis specialist in nyc may also give you the injection of hyaluronic acid solution within your joints. That solution imitates regular joint fluid plus it can ease pain and boost mobility.

2. Arthritis Treatment through Occupational Therapy

It is very important to protect your joints in order to treat them. Occupational therapist can help you learn some of the simpler methods to do your regular work. He can teach you how you can:

• Use grab bars at the time of the bath
• Give supports or braces to guard certain joints
• Ignore positions that put stress on your joints
• Use tailored walkers, canes or doorknobs
• Use equipments for helping you to do certain tasks like pulling up zippers and socks or opening jars
• Use your powerful muscles and joints while sparing weaker ones

Arthritis Treatment through Surgery

Different types of operation may be required for easing the pain of arthritis or for reviving joint function or mobility. In case the inflammation and arthritic pain becomes very awful, or your joins become extremely damaged, then arthritis doctor in nyc may suggest you the option of surgical replacement. Presently, hip and knee joints can be substituted with trusted synthetic joints created on ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel materials.

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