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When To Consult For Back Pain?

Back Pain Doctor

Although we have all suffered from back pain, when does it become complex, and is it necessary to consult a Back Pain Specialist?

Low back pain is usually a self-limiting condition and subsides spontaneously with or without treatment after a few days. However, some signs should motivate the patient to consult a specialist since they can translate into a more severe disease, such as a spinal hernia, spinal canal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal instability, or tumors.

What should you alternate?

That the pain persists beyond 7 to 10 days and that it does not subside with rest.

That is accompanied by loss of sensation or tingling in the extremities or loss of strength of the lower extremities.

Make it a night pain capable of waking the patient.

That the pain persists even at rest.


To achieve an accurate clinical diagnosis, which allows determining the category of pain the patient is in (pure, articular, radicular, or atypical), the main thing is the patient's account (medical history), then the physical examination and, finally, the imaging and laboratory support.

It should also be borne in mind that in some cases, it is difficult to reach a definitive diagnosis by a Back Doctor. Furthermore, sometimes it is not known what the pain is due to. It is here where the support of a multidisciplinary team is needed. The specialists through their Center guarantees a first-rate professional group made up of orthopedists, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists specialized in pain, psychiatrists, radiologists, physical therapists, kinesiologists, and experts in occupational therapy who analyze and solve each case as a team.

The best solution

Once the problem is detected by Back Dr Specialist, and with a clear diagnosis, different methods can considerably improve back complaints, until they are eliminated.

According to Back Pain Doctor, when the discomfort is slight, simple rest, massages, local heat, the shower, or even a bath in the hot tub are recommended. This, complemented with medications such as anti-inflammatories, always prescribed by the attending physician.

If pain persists, in addition to rest, kinesiotherapy is recommended. And if the problem is greater, infiltrations (facet block and selective nerve blocks) may be indicated, procedures with excellent results can be taken.

For a surgery, Back Pain Doctor Called. Meanwhile, it is only indicated when medical treatments have failed, or when facing a disease that rapidly and progressively compromises the neurological state of the patient.

It is worth mentioning that kinesiology, in addition to being highly recommended for correcting bad postures. It is essential in postoperative treatments, while analgesic kinesiotherapy (physiotherapy, ultrasound, heat, and short wave) is very useful for Back Pain Relief.

The specialists can provide solutions to people who want to start exercising (prevention factor) and to those who need to do sports at a therapeutic or postoperative level. In this case, they will be supported by traumatologists, kinesiologists, and physical education teachers.

To take into account

In more advanced stages of development, some types of cancer, such as breast or prostate cancer, can metastasize skeletally, where the spine is often the chosen place to stay. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to pain in the spine, which is especially important at night and can spread to the legs.

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