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The arthralgia is a condition involving joint pain and is considered part of the symptomatology of other diseases. The pain can occur either in a single joint, acquiring the name of monoartralgia, or in multiple joints, which is called polyarthralgia. Fortunately, the discomfort caused by this condition can be healed with due care, so, next, we will talk about the treatment of arthralgia and all that this implies.

When to know if a treatment of arthralgia is required

To determine whether or not treatment of arthralgia is needed, the first thing will be to diagnose whether or not the condition is treated. Some of the symptoms that may indicate the presence of the problem are joint pain, inflammation, redness of the skin, joint stiffness, among others.

Once these reactions begin to be experienced, it will be necessary to go to a Arthritis Doctor In Manhattan so that, evaluating the patient's condition and the underlying causes , he can decide if he deserves treatment and choose the most convenient one.

What is involved in the treatment of arthralgia?

It should be noted that the treatment of arthralgia will depend specifically on the underlying factor or cause that triggered it. However, in general, it is customary to use anti-inflammatory drugs,such as ibuprofen and naproxen , as well as physiotherapy sessions to relieve joint pain.

Already in the hands of a Pain Management Specialists in New York, he can choose the best alternative for the Arthritis Treatment In Manhattan, considering procedures such as cryotherapy, which involves the periodic placement of cold compresses in the affected area, or electrical stimulation, aimed at preventing atrophy muscle, by stimulating muscle contraction.

Pain is the main reason for consultation in the Emergency Services (ED) representing up to 78% of them and a third manifesting intense pain. Despite the frequent nature of this problem, the Pain Management New York is far from optimal, with high rates of oligoanalgesia. The inadequate use of drugs has been proven, such as the duplication of mechanisms of action, interactions, inappropriate drugs and incorrect doses to the scenario and patient profile, with a high incidence of adverse effects.


Opioid medications are synthetic cousins of opium and drugs derived from it, such as heroin and morphine. These medications are usually prescribed for Pain Management Manhattan Ny that results from a traumatic injury, such as surgery or a broken bone. Currently, in the United States, opioids cause the highest number of deaths due to overdoses related to the consumption of prescription drugs; and that rate continues to rise. Because of the great risk involved, the smallest possible amount of opioids is prescribed and, generally, only for a few days.

Up to one in four people who take long-term opioids become addicted. Worst of all, in 2017, the data showed that 115 Americans die every day from an overdose of opioid painkillers, and hundreds more go to the emergency room. Take your opioids exactly as prescribed by your doctor and never share them with anyone else.

Generally, acetaminophen (acetaminophen) is a safe first option to treat many types of pain, such as chronic pain. Ask your Best Doctor for Lower Back Pain Nyc for advice about other medications you should avoid when taking acetaminophen.