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Got Knee Pain? Do's & Don'ts to Manage the Pain

Knee pain is the most common problem in elderly age because of damage in knee joints. The limitation of this is physical activity. The main reason why knee damages are because of scrubbing the joint surfaces and this is the age-related wear and tear problem which is known as osteoarthritis. This not only affects your daily activities but also the knee pain is unbearable. The damage in joints is unchangeable, therefore it is essential to prevent it. In many cases, the knee pain doctor recommends having total knee replacement surgery. 


Given below are do’s and don’ts for the patients who are having knee Osteoarthritis.  

Points To Do 

  • Exercise daily: To strengthen your muscles which provides support to your knee joints and enhance the flexibility the cardio exercise is best for you. Further, stretching and weight training exercises can also help you in this. There are some best exercises which one can try as the 

knee treatment and this includes swimming, elliptical machines, walking, stationary cycling, and water aerobics. Always have the low-force exercise, especially the one which you can take in water.  

  • Try various temperatures to get relief: After being injured, the patient should need to put ice for the first 48 to 72 hours to lessen the numbness and swelling of the pain. The frozen corn and peas make a perfect ice pack as it is easily formed near your knee.  
  • Conversation with experts: If you have knee pain for the very first time or you have been injured then you must consult with the specialist. The 

knee doctor will help you to evaluate your pain and may help you in the prevention of the injury with the knee pain treatment.  

  • Look for acupuncture: It is a type of traditional Chinese medicine, which includes the cautious position of fine needles into specific points on a body to alleviate pain.  

Points Need to Avoid

  • Do not let your shoes cause pain: The very essential way to carry your weight is the shoes. The cushioned insoles help you in lessening down the impact when you walk. For knee osteoarthritis, there are always shoes made with special insoles. You need to consult with your 

knee pain specialist to know more about this.  

  • The weight of a body should not be overlooked: similar to aging, the extra weight can wear and tear your joint pains. If the one is having extra weight or overweight then you should need to go for the weight loss program. A few losses in weight can also lead to reducing knee pain.  
  • Avoid resting too much: Normally resting is necessary for some time and it is good to rest, but sometimes resting too much may lead to weakening your muscles and making the pain intensify. For this, you need to work with a 

knee specialist to search for exercise daily which is gentle on the joints and helps the one to build strength and flexibility.   

Hence, one needs to keep in mind the above points for having the treatment of knee pain. For more information, do visit our official website of

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